Running a one-man business with multiple clients means being creative and smart with my time. Over the last two years, I developed a way to help multiple clients create bespoke content strategies at once. I do this with the help of my trusty content strategy templates. And now I’m sharing some of them with you.

These have been learned, adapted and restructured many times and will most likely continue to be changed and updated as I keep learning. As do we all. (cue coming of age movie montage)

So without further ado, download the DIY Content Strategy Template and the User Journey Mapping Template below.

Note: I’ll keep updating this page with more resources as I create/find them.

DIY Content Strategy Template

I adapted this template from Newscred’s much more in depth template and I feel my cut-down and edited version speaks more to businesses getting started with content, startups and smaller teams that need the nuts and bolts figured out to get on with creating the stuff.

Download the DIY Content Strategy Template

User Journey Content Map Template

Download the User Journey Content Map Template

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