Meet the content strategist

Hello! I’m Kim, and I’m the person behind this humble operation. I help companies align their content efforts with their business goals.

Nice to meet you

If you’ve just arrived or want the cliffs notes version, here’s a bit about me and what I do:

I have 10 years experience in digital marketing and specialise in content strategy and copywriting.

I work mainly with B2B, technology, consultancy companies and government agencies of all sizes.

Many of my past and current clients are global players like IPL, Enterprise Ireland and Stack Overflow. Some are savvy startups like CompeteIQ, Payhip and Seque.

I help clients to understand their users and optimise the experience for conversions.

Take a look at my content strategy case studies to see how I've helped past clients. Feel free to message me with any questions, and check out my LinkedIn for more information about my background.

Let’s make content work for your business.
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