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Government Agency

Content Strategy for a Government Agency

In response to Brexit, Enterprise Ireland needed a hard-hitting solution to help Irish exporters attract international customers. Customers that are most likely on the lookout for new partners outside of the UK. Working as a content strategist as part of the project in Atomic, we developed a campaign and a website that would do just that: The Irish Advantage.

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B2B SaaS Company Content Consulting

With a new brand name and an upgraded product, CompeteIQ needed a refined position and a communications strategy to match; to get the word out and to start generating quality leads.

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Content Strategy for a Global Agribusiness Consultancy

Farrelly & Mitchell’s business is in a particular space, with customers who have unique needs and consume niche industry content. Their communications needed to prove that they are the expert, and have the information, contacts and experience to help their clients’ businesses grow.

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Here’s what to expect

Content is a scary word these days. Plenty of businesses dive into writing and producing things before they take the time to understand some pretty important things. Things like who their customer really is, what questions they have, where they happen to be hanging out, reading and watching content and how best to help.

Content strategy helps us to get a snapshot of content across the business, diagnose problems and prescribe the right plan. It’s a high-level approach to understanding what content to create to win more business and convert more customers. And it’s more than just a blog post. It involves getting up close and personal with business goals, industry and audience research, making SEO and conversion decisions, all while keeping the user and their needs the priority.

‍As a content strategy consultant, I work closely with clients to understand their users and the journey they go from the first impression to becoming a customer. When we know this journey, we can optimise it for the amazing customer experience they deserve.

"Kim was super efficient and professional, and the output has already been incredibly helpful! She 100% accomplished the goals that we hired her for. We would recommend Kim to anyone embarking on a new website project to make sure it is working to its potential from the get-go."

Ruth Riordan
C&D Executive
at Dublin Dance Festival

Kim know’s how to communicate to customers. She wrote compelling copy for our website and our marketing materials - but most importantly Kim helped us to put the customer first. She encouraged us to see the business from their perspective. Working with Kim was a fantastic process and has helped us to run a better business.

Patrick McAndrew
CEO & Co-Founder

Kim brought a structured and analytical approach to our chaotic content strategy. Her innate interpersonal skills and instinct for understanding the audience drove us to deliver measurable results. She set us up for future success by diligently helping us to understand the fundamental processes underpinning great content. Kim has an uncanny ability to understand your strategic requirements and deliver way beyond your expectations, however high they are.

Neil Campbell
Chief Marketing Officer
at Media Players

"Kim has done an outstanding job sharpening our positioning and focusing our message on key segments. Her user-centred approach established a connection that resonates with our customers and their journey. She’s converted this into engaging content on our website, blogs, social channels and white papers, all aligned with our SEO/SEM strategy. Kim’s plan of action is growing our organic, earned, and paid search results. She is a major contributor to our success and a pleasure to work with."

Alan McNab
Co-Founder & CEO
at CompeteIQ

"Kim has been a great asset to us. She had a great instinct for the right tone of voice for the techy audience. She is an excellent writer and really helped to bring a human touch to dry B2B tech topics. She delivered on our briefs spot on and was swift in working in stakeholder feedback or amends from clients where needed. Recommend working with her."

Medi Gwosdz
Content Strategist
at Stack Overflow

"SEO and content strategy have become core to our agency offering thanks to Kim. She's helped us to sell the value of these services on our web projects and add to our bottom line in the process."

Johnny Kelly
at Studio aad

"Kim played a key role in the growth of the company and is someone whose enthusiasm helps brings out the best in others."

Barry Hand

"Kim has taken our non-existent content planning to a strategy that we are confident running with. It was very easy working with Kim; always available and always giving us insight even outside the content strategy realm."

Abs Farah
at Payhip

"Kim was integral to our early success in social proofing our brand with an engaged, loyal audience."

Ruairí Doyle
General Manager
at Pressreader

I worked with Kim on a project to recreate the website content that we had for our product launch to make it fresh, user friendly and to speak to our target audience. Kim's work was excellent and I would definitely recommend Kim for any project similar to this.

Aine Kavanagh
Head of Customer Success
at Yonder

Kim’s proposed approach was evaluated as complete, practical and thought-provoking.

Dana Manescu
Head of Social Media
at the European Commission

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Do you need a topic-specific piece? I've produced news and feature articles and blog posts for brands like Stack Overflow and Enterprise Ireland. I've covered topics like AI & 5G, agribusiness and software, fintech, health-tech and pharma, and more. I've interviewed CEOs of small and large companies, government representatives, engineers and doctors to get to the nub of a story.

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