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Content Strategy for a Government Agency

Content Strategy for a Government Agency
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Enterprise Ireland
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Copy & Content
Content Strategy

In response to Brexit, Enterprise Ireland needed a hard-hitting solution to help Irish exporters attract international customers. Customers that are most likely on the lookout for new partners outside of the UK. Working as a content strategist as part of the project in Atomic, we developed a campaign and a website that would do just that: The Irish Advantage.


Develop a content strategy for the new website that aligned with business goals: connecting Irish client companies to potential overseas partners.

Plan for the ongoing publication of quality content and write website copy.

Implement best practice SEO.

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My process

On the project, I worked across SEO, content management, copywriting, email marketing and conversion optimisation.

Irish Advantage case study

For the project, I created an SEO framework that could scale across four languages for launch. Because of the complexity of the project, and the niche aspect of the content, I focused on expert industry publications as well as traditional keyword research methods to inform target keywords and phrases.

Content management

The project required expert writers who could not only speak confidently on the subject matter but could also tell a story to convince the reader to become a lead. For this, I managed a third-party article writer and sourced and managed a white paper producer.


I wrote the website copy and was the social and PPC ad writer throughout all phases of the campaign. I also wrote in-depth subject matter articles. Here's one I wrote for the Data Centre Construction industry.

Email marketing
Medtech newsletter

I created a template for the Irish Advantage email marketing plan, built and sent the emails to a series of targeted, segmented lists.

Conversion consulting

I was tasked with optimising the site for lead generation. The initiative had a very clear goal - to drive leads between local market advisors and potential international partners. So the site had to work hard to convert as much relevant traffic as possible.

Since launch, the site has driven more than 700 qualified leads for Irish companies. The Irish Advantage brand is now well known and visible around the world.

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